On Father’s Day

Being a mother is a
tough job, but being a mom and a dad is tougher. I want to take a moment
today and say Happy Father’s Day to all the Mothers out there who are
Fathers too. You deserve the extra recognition of filling in for two
salaries, two parents, and still staying sane (mostly).

is our 3rd Father’s day of Addy and I am extremely blessed and honored
to see my son loved by everyone. The never ending he-is-so-adorable
compliments from other people are overwhelming.

Addy, You
are the joy of my life. Sometimes I get so very busy that I forget to
tell you that. Being a single Mom has its benefits: I get you all to
myself. But it also has its down side: I have to work an awful lot of
hours to bring home enough money for the two of us to live. Thank you
for being patient with me and for understanding.  I thank you for
helping shape who I am today. Thank you for teaching me lessons most
people do not have to learn in life. Thank you for forcing me to rebuild
myself. All of those things are important, great and wonderful, but
mostly thank you for being the greatest gift in the entire world.
Without you, I will be lost. You are the gift that smiles at me and hugs
me every day, the gift that acts crazy and goofy and sings songs at the
top of your lungs because you can. I thank you for being my son. I will
enjoy watching you become the person I know you can be, and while there
will be times it is hard to do it alone, the payoff in the end is worth
it, the unfailing love between you and me; a mother and a son.

want to say a very Happy Father’s Day to all the ‘daddies’ out there.
I’m not talking to biological fathers, though some of them are daddies.
I’m talking about every man who has held the hand of a child while a
needle was getting shoved in their vein at the hospital, or every man
who doctored a scraped knee and kissed away tears. I’m talking to every
man who has ever read a child a bedtime story and tucked them in at
night with a kiss on the forehead and a, “See you in the morning,

For me, It doesn’t matter if the child was born of
your blood as long as the child resides in your heart– that makes you a

So if you are a man and if you have children, don’t JUST be a father. Be a daddy. Be a man. A Real Man.

girls need someone who will kiss them goodnight.  Little boys need the
example of a good man to grow up to be like and admire, someone they can
hope to become, live up to.

The world needs fathers for
one reason only — to procreate. The world needs daddies though, to make
this world a better place, to bring our next generation up differently
and better than the one before it, to constantly improve and excel.

for today, tomorrow and the next after,  I will be stronger.  I will be
braver. I will be wiser and tougher. I will be a mom, but most
importantly, a dad.

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