Our New Angel

Why are you gone?
It is not fair
I want to hold you close
But youre not there
I remember all the good times we used to share
No other person could compare
Your smile will stay locked in my head
I used to love it when you said
Yeah yeah let the good times roll
Or nah nah pass me the control
I know you would not want me to cry
But I didn’t want to say goodbye
I know you would want me to be happy for you
Because you are no longer blue
You sit up there on a cloud
And look down on us being loud
And even though I am sad
I know I must not be mad
But just remember the memories won’t part
I love you forever tita
With all my heart
You meant so much to all of us,
you were special and that’s no lie.
Your smile brightened up the darkest day,
and the cloudiest skies.
Your smile warmed hearts alone,
your laugh was like music to hear,
I would give absolutely anything,
to have you well and standing near.
Not a second passes when your not on our minds,
your love we will never forget,
the hurt will ease in time
Many tears I have seen and cried,
they have all poured out like rain,
I know you are happy now,
and no longer in any pain.
we will surely miss you tita…our new angel… Ü

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