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Mommy Planner Ley Review: Ariel Machine Expert | No Kusot Ba Talaga or Chos Lang?

Growing up, I always see my mom hand washing our clothes despite having a washing machine. Soak overnight all the whites, spin in the washing machine then hand wash whatever is still dirty. This has been my routine as well. Yan ang naging batayan ko ng MALINIS. But syempre as years passed by, nauso na ang mga automatic washing machine. I always thought this will save me time and energy. But no, 7 years later, naghahand wash pa din ako.

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Oh My Guam! Let’s #InstaGuam! 24/7 Tax Free Shopping Mecca Guam Offers Exciting New Attractions To Filipinos

Guam is a 3 hour and 30 minutes flight destination away from the Philippines. This is a quick and nearby destination for an incredible luxury finds at affordable prices. You can shop in Guam for 24/7 and it is TAX FREE. The Island complements thrilling shopping adventures with delicious food Filipinos enjoy and love.

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No More Battery Empty Again With Veger Powerbank | Mommy Planner Ley

It makes me anxious whenever I am outside and then all of a sudden my phone died. Ewan ko ba, but I feel like I am undressing in public. Ganun ako hindi mapakali. I guess it is because of my upbringing too.

Growing up,my parents would let me go out with friends as long as I update them of my whereabouts and call or send them a message once I’m on my way home. So I can not have a dead battery. If malolowbat na, it means I have to go home regardless if I just arrived or not.