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No More Battery Empty Again With Veger Powerbank | Mommy Planner Ley

It makes me anxious whenever I am outside and then all of a sudden my phone died. Ewan ko ba, but I feel like I am undressing in public. Ganun ako hindi mapakali. I guess it is because of my upbringing too.

Growing up,my parents would let me go out with friends as long as I update them of my whereabouts and call or send them a message once I’m on my way home. So I can not have a dead battery. If malolowbat na, it means I have to go home regardless if I just arrived or not.

While at work, when I was still in the corporate world, I handled a 24/7 department so it means I can not have a dead phone too. We follow a strict service level agreement or SLA. So even after 12 midnight, my lines should always be open.

When I left my corporate job and decided to focus on the business, I always make sure to reply in a timely manner with my clients. I make sure to answer everything before the day ends. So if you know me or if you’ve been following me, you know that I reply even if its at 1am or 2am.

So everyday, I have my charger with me. But you see, not every place has a power outlet. I’ve been checking several power banks in the market and for years, I am on a trial and error. I tried several ones but ended up not using it because it’s heavy, it takes time to charge or it makes me paranoid especially when it heats up.

Recently, I found a power bank during one of the Lazada sale, it is called Veger Power bank. Veger is the fastest growing power bank brand in the Philippines. They pioneer in compact, high quality, and efficient portable chargers. Their designs are sophisticated which suits any lifestyles.

I tried 3 of their power banks.

VP 2012 with 20,000mAH

VP1081 with 10,000mAh

VP1018 with 10,000mAh


All Veger Powerbanks has Superior Circuit Protection Chip for: the following:

-Short Circuit Protection

-Input Anti-reverse Protection

But these are my favorite features.

-Overcurrent Protection

Overcurrent protection is protection against excessive currents or current beyond the acceptable current rating of equipment. Why is this important? Because it protects the conductors from overload conditions and from short-circuit or ground-fault conditions. If you put too much of a load on the circuit, the overcurrent device will open.

-Overvoltage Protection

This is a power supply feature which shuts down the supply, or clamps the output, when the voltage exceeds a preset level.

-Temperature Protection

This shuts down the power supply when the internal temperature exceeded a safe value. Have you tried some brands na umiinit while charging? I am not comfortable cause I am afraid na bigla na lang sumabog and it is not safe if it gets too hot.

-Overcharge and Over discharge Protection

My favorite feature because as we all know, overcharging will damage our devices. With Veger, it stops charging once the device is fully charged. I am guilt with this in the past. I always forget to unplug devices. So you are sure that you’re device is protected, perfect for MOMBRAIN like me.

VP1018 – 10,000 mAh

Very compact, lightweight, affordable yet SAFE. I will let Addy use this because I gave my old iphone to him already. Though he doesnt bring it to school, sometimes, when we go out which is most of the time or when we travel, this will ensure that I can contact him anytime. When we went to Bacolod a few years ago, I had to bring radios as our back up communication because I am sure our phone batteries will not last a day. Now we are travel ready with Veger! This is P999 but on sale too for only P 373! I am actually getting more of this cause it is perfect for gifts too. since Valentines day is just around the corner, I thought of giving this to Addy’s teachers as well. Click here in case you want to get one too!



VP1081 with 10,000 mAh

JB will be using this because it has a built in type C and lightning cable which fits his devices. This comes in Black and white. This is P1,599 but got in on sale at P 578! winner talaga. Oh, I got it from Lazada and it is still on sale. Click here just in case you want to get one too. I like also how it only takes 405 hours to charge the power bank. I tried another brand before that needs to be charged for 8 hours! Grabe, I used that for 3 days lang. It is time consuming for me to charge it for 8 hours.


VP2012 with 20,000mAh

This is what I am using! If you’ve been checking mg IG story, this saved me from a power interruption! I woke up with a power interruption and I forgot to charge my phone. Well, technically, I really dont charge my phone at night cause chances are I will leave it charged the entire night. It was my first time to use it, tried my luck that it has a factory charge but to my surprise, it is fully charged!!!! Imagine having no electricity from 8 am to 5pm, Oh my!

So this is P1999 but I got it for P1599. Click here just in case you need to get one too.

Brought it to work!

Always in my bag

They offer also 1 year warranty which I also like. Mind you that most of the cheap ones doesn’t even offer 7 days warranty! This is such a good after sales service from Veger. This is one of the reason why I recommend them. I know there are several brands out there but AFTER SALES service will always be in my list when choosing what to buy. With Veger you get your money’s worth.

Veger Powerbanks are available in Lazada and Shopee

You may also visit their website for more details.

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  1. Christine Tonin says:

    Wow parang ang ganda nito. 😍 Super need natin ng reliable na powerbank especially sa events. 👏🏻

  2. I have the black one too 🙂

  3. Divine Grace Carlos Enriquez says:

    I am planning to buy a powerbank, thank you for all the info!

  4. Rovie Peralta says:

    Great features! That’s something we need ❤️

  5. Evalyn Atayde says:

    I need this! Lagi na lng d umaabot powerbank ko the whole day 😍

  6. Jaimie says:

    Great and detailed review! I love the brand!

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