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Oh My Guam! Let’s #InstaGuam! 24/7 Tax Free Shopping Mecca Guam Offers Exciting New Attractions To Filipinos

Guam: a modern tropical paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

Guam: a modern tropical paradise surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

Guam is a 3 hour and 30 minutes flight destination away from the Philippines. This is a quick and nearby destination for an incredible luxury finds at affordable prices. You can shop in Guam for 24/7 and it is TAX FREE. The Island complements thrilling shopping adventures with delicious food Filipinos enjoy and love.

A jewel in the Pacific: Guam glitters in the night as travelers enjoy 24/7 shopping and other delights.

I was invited at the special lunch hosted by the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) at Midas Hotel in Pasay City, additional exciting attractions were revealed to entice even more Filipinos to visit their U.S. island neighbor. Launched as #instaGuam, this year’s campaign aims to push Guam as an island paradise of commercial thrills and comfortable luxury. It also shares a history and culture similar to that of the Philippines.

Where to stay

There are 34 hotels and resorts in the island. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Lotte Hotel – recently renovated with 222 hotel rooms

  • Dusit Thani – New Beachside Hotel with 417 rooms

  • Tsubaki Tower is Guam’s firsst 5 star hotel which has 340 luxury rooms. This will open this April 2020.

  • Airbnbs are also located all throughout the island

How to get to Guam

United Airlines and Philippine Airlines offer non stop flight or direct flight to Guam.

Visa to Guam

Since Guam is part of the U.S, Philippine passport holders need a US tourist visa to go to Guam.

#Guamazing Trivia

Did you know that it was also Magellan who allegedly discovered Guam?

Did you also know that Guam is also a pilgrim destination? The second Filipino saint, Saint Pedro Calungsod died in Tumon, Tamuning, Guam.

For 2020, Guam aims to attract more Filipinos to its shores with world-class resorts, family-friendly attractions, and fascinating artistic offerings unique to the Chamorro culture. Best of all, these will all be developed with a sustainable approach respectful of the environment, culture, history and people of Guam.

Guam continues to grow as a favored tourist destination. As of December 2019, arrivals from the Philippines increased by 8.6%—from 19,092 in 2018 to 20,729 in 2019.*

These are the top reasons Filipinos gave for visiting Guam:

  • Relaxation

  • Shopping

  • Pleasure.

What activities to do in #instaGuam

  • Mount Lamlam: Climb the highest mountain in the world.

    • No need to pack oxygen tanks or cold-weather gear on this pleasant hike. Mount Lamlam (meaning lightning in Chamoru)  may just be 1,332 feet above sea level, but it goes another 36,070 feet under the sea, making Mount Lamlam’s peak the highest since it rises from the Mariana Trench.

  • Water Adventures

    • Go scuba diving.

    • Skim the ocean surface on a jet ski.

    • Dare to slide 50-feet down the slides of Tarza Water Park.

    • Gently glide down Talofofo River on a river cruise.

Under the sea: scuba diving—just one of the many ocean adventures Guam has to offer!

  • Go on an Archaeological trip

    • Over at Ritidian Point, there is wildlife to watch and ancient Chamorro culture to explore.

  • Visit the Shrine of San Pedro Calungsod

    San Pedro Calungsod is the second Filipino Saint. He is the First Visayan saint. He has a shrine in Guam because he died in Tumon, Tamuning, Guam.

  • Shopping

    LV, Gucci, Prada, Ross Dress for Less, Coach and a lot of other brands are in Guam.

  • Wedding destination

    It can be your next wedding and honeymoon location as well! if you love romantic settings, Guam has a lot of beautiful and romantic venues for you.

All these and more are just waiting for you at #instaGuam 2020! To help in its mission to promote the U.S. island territory, GVB appointed Enderun Marketing, a division of Enderun Colleges, as the official Tourism Destination Marketing Representative in the Philippines.

[L-R] Sharlene Guerrero, Marketing Manager Philippines and New Markets, Guam Visitors Bureau; Carmel Carpio, Travel Duo; Nadine Leon Guerrero, Director of Global Marketing, Guam Visitors Bureau; Gab Carpio, Travel Duo; and Robert Alvarez, Vice President, Guam Visitors Bureau.

To learn more about all that Guam has to offer, holiday travelers, incentive and convention planners, government and business leaders, and direct buyers and investors are invited to visit and follow @visitguamph and the official hashtag #instaGuam on Instagram.


Media and bloggers excited to visit Guam for #instaGuam 2020!

[L-R] Tricia Tensuan, Vice President for Marketing, Enderun Colleges; Edree Estaura, PR & Brand Officer, Midas Hotel and Casino; Robert Alvarez, Vice President, Guam Visitors Bureau; Nadine Leon Guerrero, Director of Global Marketing, Guam Visitors Bureau; and Sharlene Guerrero, Marketing Manager for the Philippines and New Market, Guam Visitors Bureau.

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