Homeschool: Arriana’s First Quarter Portfolio

It is Arriana’s first official year in CFA Homeschool. If you have been following me in my social media, you know that I’ve been homeschooling Arriana since she was 6 months because at that time, I was homeschooling Addy with CFA Homeschool.

This school year, Arriana is in Nursery 2. First quarter was a breeze because the topics are very familiar with Arriana already. I can not wait for our second quarter. I am praying and hoping that it will be as smooth as this one.

Here’s a short clip of our portfolio for the first quarter. To be honest, this is not even half of our activities. I thought I can finish compiling them in 3 days but I was wrong. So for the next quarter, I promise to update our second quarter portfolio as soon as we finish the activity. Pray for me! Pray that I can edit on time and keep up with Arriana.

I did not include the worksheets anymore. I will try to include them next quarter.

Note: Click down arrow when you want to move to the next slide.

Just in case below will not play, you may go to the file by clicking the button above.

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