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How To Cook Classic Pinoy Style Spaghetti using Purefoods Slow Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with #1 TJ Hotdog In Just Ten Minutes. [ Bonus Homeschooling Tip]

People often ask me, how do you do it, Ley?

To be honest, most of the times, I don’t know how I survived with no helper. I have 3 kids. Addy is in online distance learning. Arriana is homeschooling with CFA Homeschool and Amanda is still exclusively, direct breastfeeding. I also have two part time work outside blogging. Yes! I am a full time, work at home mom. It is not always bed of roses. I also have days wherein I feel tired and that is totally normal and okay. I try to manage my time by prioritizing what is urgent and important. I also involved everyone in the family in our household chores. One constant challenge is cooking. Of course, we always want to make sure that our family eats healthy and well balanced meal that they like.

Growing up, I always enjoy my Lola’s Pinoy style spaghetti with lots of tender Juicy Hotdog. This has always been part of our family tradition; birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries. At home, spaghetti is part of our weekly meal plan because my kids love it may it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack but because of my hectic schedule it is either I cook in big batches so we can just reheat it instantly but this takes up so much refrigerator space or cook spaghetti instantly and misses some ingredients like hotdogs or meat.

Addy and Arriana started to learn how to cook simple dishes that they love so they can prepare it even if mommy is busy. Spaghetti is next in our list then I discover this #TenderJuicyfied Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog. Since Addy wants to know how to cook spaghetti sauce Filipino style, then this is the perfect entry level.

Purefoods Slow Cooked Spaghetti 1.jpg

Heating Instructions

To heat in a pan

  1. Thaw frozen bag of Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog for 10-15 minutes.

  2. Pour Spaghetti sauce into a pan.

  3. Simmer for 3-5 minutes.

  4. Pour over cooked pasta.

  5. Serve and enjoy!

To heat in microwave

  1. Thaw frozen bag of Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with the #1 TJ Hotdog for 10-15 minutes.

  2. Pour Spaghetti sauce into a microwavable container.

  3. Microwave for 2-3 minutes.

  4. Pour over cooked pasta.

  5. Serve and Enjoy

It is that easy! 10 minutes to make. Classic Pinoy Style Spaghetti ready in 10 minutes! How to do that? With Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with #1 TJ Hotdog!

Addy at 11 years old can easily prepare this using the pan. Arriana can too but with my supervision of course since she is just 4. But I think Arriana can prepare this by herself if she will heat it in the microwave.

The best part about this is it is already complete with meat, spices and of course, with Tender Juicy Hotdog. Look, Kuya prepared his own merienda.

And since bonding and learning goes together in our home, do you know that you can integrate this with several subjects in school? Yes, you can use this as your homeschool or distance learning activity. My kids are visual, kinesthetic and experiential learners. They learn and understand the lessons if they do it themselves. I think practical lifeskill is always the best seat work. I also believe that #MomsBestLove can be expressed through food and also with life lessons that they can bring and practice once they have their own family.

So here are some homeschool topics that you can integrate and discuss while preparing your Purefoods Slow-Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with #1 TJ Hotdog. Remember, experience is the best teacher.


  1. Nouns: Common and Proper Nouns. Let them identify the nouns and give both common and proper noun. Example: Hotdog, Tender Juicy

  2. Reading the directions or instructions. If they can not read yet, Ask them to spell out the words and identify the sounds of the letters.

  3. Following the directions and instructions (comprehension)

  4. For smaller kids Alphabet

FILIPINO – counterpart of English lessons


  1. Addition and Subtraction: you can use the nutritional facts at the back

  2. Expiration date – you can practice addition and subtraction here too. Ask your child to determine how many months should we keep this or how many months before we should be able to consumed.

  3. Nutritional facts – measurement in grams, milligrams and even percentage.

  4. Multiplication and division (can be for addition and subtraction also) Identify how many servings can each pack make.

  5. Time –

  6. For smaller kids, counting 1-5 while following the steps in reheating.

SCIENCE – The process of cooking and preparing food is essentially applied Science. I admit, I had a hard time with this when I was in elementary. It is challenging to understand things that we don’t see or experience.

  1. Kinds of matter: Solid, liquid, gas. The Purefoods Slow-cooked sauce is frozen at first then after thawing it will become liquid.

  2. Classification of matter: Mixture or Pure substance. Homogeneous or Heterogeneous.

  3. Properties of matter: Physical, Chemical.

  4. Phases and Transition of matter: melting, boiling etc.

  5. For smaller kids, we can discuss senses or sensation.

  6. Go, Grow, Glow food. Pasta is go food. Meat is grow food. You can also explain the benefits of each. Integrate it with health on how to have a complete healthy balance meal.


  1. You can discuss celebrations and traditions where we usually serve spaghetti.


  1. Food preparation, safety and precaution.

  2. Healthy balance meal

These are just some. You may share your topics in the comment section as well. Arriana will prepare this next. Hopefully, I can capture it as well so I can share it here. Try this and make your next family bonding fun and exciting while learning. You can get Purefoods Slow Cooked Spaghetti Sauce with #1 TJ Hotdog in leading Supermarkets and online via San Miguel The Mall:

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