Addy’s Third Birthday Letter

I have tried
writing your birthday post several dozen times today, but I just can’t find
adequate words. You are just too much to contain in a single blog post. Too much
personality. Too much charm. Too much mischief. Too much everything. But, just
right. There hasn’t been a single day in the last three years that you haven’t
brought joy, laughter and so much love.

Oh how much you’ve grown! I cannot
get my head around the fact that it’s been three years since you came into my
life. It seems like yesterday you were toddling around, muttering words and
sounds.  Now you are a boy who runs, jumps, sings, speaks in full sentences,
asks questions and is constantly absorbing the world around you. You spread
such joy to those who know you. You laugh contagiously.  You are starting to
tell “funny jokes.” Every day is a new adventure. I keep on falling in love with you Addy every single day.

I can’t believe how
much you’ve grown this past year. At the start of 2 years old you were still
doing what I call “dolphin speak”. It basically consisted of a bunch of “eh eh
eh eh eh’s, some “eh??”  and a whole lot of pointing. Sounding just like a
dolphin would if they tried to speak English.  The doctor assured me that your
speech would pick up near the summer but you know me, I was worried as always.
Thankfully I was wrong and by the time summer rolled around you had mastered
spoken word! and boy did you let me know it. I haven’t heard any silence yet.
Sometimes you even talk in your sleep. 
Do you know you potty trained
yourself? Oh yes, you did. You’ve always been so independent it’s almost
unbelievable at times. You were rolling over at 2 weeks, pulling yourself up at
6 months, eating by yourself at 1.6 years and by 2.3 years you were done with
diaper! You even help mommy wash dishes and do the laundry. You’re also in
charge of setting the dining table. Yes babylove, I am proud to say that you’re
domesticated honey. 
I celebrate your presence every day, but today mark
the 3rd year since your birth. it’s been an amazing journey.  In my
wildest imagination I could have never thought things would be the way they are
now.  Life has thrown a few curves at me  but I always do my best to be the mother
that you deserve. Being a mom to a lovable child like you has been the most
blissful and heavenly experience. Thank you for giving me happy times and
unforgettable memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I hope you
are always as sweet and loving and funny and unique and confident and magnetic
as you are today. I know that you will be. I feel blessed to live my life
with you and I love you with all of my heart.
My job as a mom is
hard but when I think of the value of what I’ve gained and what I hope YOU’VE
gained from my time with you these past three years, there is no price you can
put on that.  I’m not from royalty but I feel as if I have lived the life of a
thousand kings.
So many things have happened over the past 3 years, just
this past year alone. But you have shown a level of resilience, and
determination  that is remarkable.  It has been from you that I’ve drawn my
strength, courage, and  determination. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to give
up at times. It’s just that I couldn’t give up. I could never give up on you,
because you haven’t given up on me. I will always be grateful for your patience,
gratitude, and humbleness through what at times has been challenging, difficult,
and at times painful.  Someday when you are able to comprehend and wonder how WE
made it through, know that I didn’t do it alone , but only with the grace of
Thank you for the wonderful gift you’ve given me: The gift of
motherhood.  Judging by your first 3 years, you’re destined for greatness.  I
have no doubt.  I don’t just expect, but will require great things from you. Not
because I think you’re capable, but I KNOW you are.  I love you…. love you
more than you will ever know. You changed my life so much that I can barely
remember my old self. You gave me strength to be a better person for you. I only
hope that when you’re old enough to read this letter that you’ll still be
telling me every day “I love you mommy whole bunch” because I love you dear boy,
with all my heart!
Addy, if you are reading this years from
now, I want you to know that at age 3, you are so much in love with me. Just
like any other young children, you adored your mother and like any other mothers
in this world, I could have felt no greater love than knowing that you need me
as much as I need you. I will forever be grateful and proud of you. I will always be thankful to have you.
Yes, indeed I am cherishing every minute that I
spend with you and every moment is a blessing worth more than diamonds and
pearls. I love you to bits my little baby.. happy Third Birthday Addy!

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