Mother’s Day: Seasons Of Love

I know that it’s easy to hope for touching gifts and thoughtful deeds
since it’s mother’s day. It’s easy to expect that after three years of
being a mom and a dad for you that I must deserve just one day where my
needs come first. But the reality is that becoming a mommy means things
are a little bit different and more complicated than that. It’s not that
my needs aren’t important, it’s just that in a contest between what I want and what you need,
you will always come first in my book, always. I know that one day,
when you’re older you might want to buy me something small, or make me
breakfast, or pick some flowers from our garden for me. But whether you
do those things on Mothers Day or on any other random day doesn’t matter
to me. Frankly, whether you do those things at all is neither here nor
there because what I want is for you to love and respect the people in
your life, and to show them the true meaning of love; show them whenever
the urge takes you, not when a date on a calendar tells you to. 
I pass any wisdom to you, I want it to be love. I love you greatly and
pray, that in being loved immeasurably, you will love greatly too.
Love will help you endure all kinds of loss. But know the spirit can
never be lost. Faith in this hope will never betray you. Speaking out
for and doing what is right on this earth is never easy, and oftentimes,
not popular. Pursue your passion with integrity, and remember no
success can compensate for failure in the home. Treat all God’s
creatures, friend and foe, as fragile and delicate, because that is what
we are. Physically, take care of body, mind, and spirit. Their
strength is intertwined. Emotionally, cast aside the folly of peer
pressure. You are one of the most genuine, kind people I
know – and I don’t want that turned into a fake, forced showing of
affection by the commercial world. Just be you. Show your love in a way
that’s you. If you grow up to really love those days and feel
that helps you express your affection, then do it – but do it for your
own reasons.
Becoming a mom taught me so many life
lessons. When I was little, I know the secrets to true joy, but as I
grow older, I start to forget. I start to think more and worry more and I
rarely feel true joy. Rarely, that is, unless or until I am blessed
with beautiful boy. When I had you, I suddenly remember what true joy
feels like and I experience it again through you. Being a mom means I
get a daily reminder of what’s important and what matters.
Seeing the world through your eyes makes it look brighter and more
beautiful to me than ever before. I love how the simplest objects are
magically transformed into something wonderful by the fairy dust of your
imagination. I love the way I can almost see the wheels turning in your
brain as you learn something new, which seems to happen every day.
Sometimes being a parent is hard. But, I try my best to be a good parent
you. I know there are times when I fall far short of perfect, but I try
my best to be the best parent that I can be. I know that someday I will
miss the little things that you do that I struggle with right now. So, I
promise to enjoy those moments a little more now, while I still can. I
know these days are long, but I also know that the years are short and
time flies so fast.
So this Mother’s day, I just
want to thank you Addy because every day you give me the best gift of
all: the gift of being a mom, of being your mom, and I am so grateful.
My love for you knows no bound.  I saw you progress through the
years, from a happy baby to an inquisitive boy. So, if one day, you
decide to be extra sweet, and fix me breakfast in bed, and that
breakfast turns out to be wilted lettuce and ketchup sandwiches, I will
smile, and I will eat that sandwich, and I will treasure that memory,
just like my mom did for me. Because it isn’t the gifts that matter, it’s you.
many ways, you have been blessed with brains and pleasant and wholesome
personality. I am grateful.  As you always hear me say, being your
mother has been one of life’s great blessings. It is a rare and precious
privilege to see you grow from that little angel of innocence in my
arms to a wise and kind man who uses his talents and abilities to make a
difference in this world.  I am proud to be your mother.  I love you my
babylove and just like how I said, No matter what season it is, may it
be winter, spring, summer or fall, I will always be here for you. I will
be forever your mom and your friend.

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