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The million dollar question is what do you want for your life?

I often ask myself that question. Time is gold. Every day is an opportunity to make steps toward your dream, but are you running toward it or just sitting in one corner waiting? Talking about what you want in life is easy, making the effort to get it isn’t. If you aren’t living the life you want then what can you do to change that? Have you thought of doing something to achieve your dreams? Waiting around for something to happen is futile. Being stagnant never results in change only action will give you results.

I thought I’d share some of my goals for the life I want to create.

Spiritual Life

The most significant relationship in my life is with my life partner: God. Without him I can’t create the life I desire. I want to continue to mature spiritually and strengthen my faith. I also want to glorify him through my purpose and life work. I want to have a lifetime relationship with him.


Teaching, guiding, and loving my son is the most important thing I have to do. I pray that God continues to guide me in whatever decision that I have to make for my Addy. My goal is to be the best MOM AND DAD that I can be. I want my son to grow up as a fine young man who gives glory to our creator. I want to be “Mom-Dad-Friend’ for Addy, a mom, a dad, and a friend who will always be there to guide him and support him but will also be there to tap him when he is losing track of his directions.


I want to be one of those old ladies who wake up rearing to go hiking! This requires me to take care of myself physically and emotionally. Exercise and nutrition are vital and I want to pass on the significance of taking care of myself to my son. Every day I want to do something that is healthy for my mind, body and spirit. I want to be happy and pass that joy onto others who are around me. Being beautiful should be inside and out. It also comes from within. Living a healthy and happy life will bring out the beauty within. It will bring out a certain glow in our faces.


I want to raise Addy closer to my family. I like to raise him in an environment where in he will learn the difference of good and bad, right and wrong. I don’t want him to grow up in a “PARADISE”. I want him to see the so called “REALITY OF LIFE” so as he grows old, he will learn things along the way.

I haven’t decided though if Addy will stay in the Philippines or go back to Canada but wherever we are, I want our home to be comfortable and to surround myself with the people we love and who loves us.


Financially, I simply want to be debt free and to be able to give to causes that make a difference. Pay my bills on time, buy the necessities that we need. Share for a good cause.


I just want a balanced career wherein I have a balance time for work, for God and for my family especially for my son.


In my own little way, I want to give back the blessings that I am receiving by serving others, by sharing to others.

I want to feel connected to my community and teach my son the value of volunteering and being involved in causes he believes in. One of my goals is for us to do volunteer work together. Since he’s already turning 3, I want to start by exposing him to children in orphanage. So that he will realized that even if I am a single mom and we don’t have the typical family set up, he is still lucky because he have a family who loves him dearly. He’s in a community who accepts us. I hope with this, he wont feel “unwanted”


I love to travel. I want to explore the Philippines and other countries with my son. I want him to see and experience different cultures and values.


On a romantic level I’m praying God brings a loving, spiritual man in my life. I’m open to the possibilities, but not desperate.

On a friendship and family level, I want to cultivate and deepen my friendships and relationships with my family.

Life Experiences

It is important to never stop learning. For me this means taking different classes, being outdoors, living abroad, trying new things and being open to the different pathways that become available to me. I want to continuously create and be in wonder of the world around me. Continue to meet new people in order to learn from their experiences and also for them to learn with my experiences.

This is just a quick synopsis of the life I want to create. I have specific ideas I want to bring to fruition, places I want to go, and goals I want to accomplish. Write a bucket list, create a vision board, bring the life you want to create out of your mind and manifest it to into your reality. Don’t forget to develop a strategy of concrete steps that lead you to accomplish your desires. Don’t allow procrastination to hinder you from the life you want. Be intentional and make daily strides toward your goals.

Most of all pray. Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you want and remember to listen to him. Then be bold in your actions and go for your dreams. I believe that prayer and action works hand in hand and it works perfectly well.

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