Finally, I am home

My life ambled all over the place. Meandered might be a better expression. My immaturity moved me in so many directions, some very good, and some not so. I would like to say I was searching, but that would imply purposeful pursuit. It was more like a reed shaken by the wind. However, I certainly believe that God moves in mysterious ways. I know that we heard this so many times but God is silently working on us. As the song of Mariah Carey goes, “There can be miracles when you believe”

And yes, I believe in miracles!

Want to know why? Let me give you a brief timeline of my AMAZING Miracles this month

Sept 8- Thursday, Mama Mary’s Bday. I attended Makati Feast with my best friends and my son for the first time.

After attending the feast, I feel so blessed. I feel refreshed. I told myself, “This will be a regular part of my life starting today and I am so happy that I am in Makati feast”.

Sept 15-Thursday, Morning- Received heart breaking news. I cried my heart out loud the whole day.

Thursday, Evening- Received a very precious gift from Makati Feast- the Bible

I told my friends, “I know God will never let me down. He gave me my guidebook to overcome the negative vibes that I received earlier”

When God give us problems, he will not abandon us. He will give us directions on how to reach our destination. He will provide us with some tools to use for us to solve our problems.

Sept 22- Thursday, I wrote down my dreams in my Novena to God’s love; received a book “How To Find Your One True Love”

It took me a while before I was able to write something in my Novena to God’s love because I just want simple things and yet they said we have to dream big. I was confused then. I decided to double check my priorities in life, and there you go, I was able to write something down.

Sept 24-Saturday, Outreach for the Typhoon Pedring victims

This outreach is very special to me, as I said before, Everyday is a new beginning. I can relate to the Pedring victims and I really want to help with my own little ways. Guess what? God gave me a bonus right away; I met beautiful people inside and out. I met my FAB friends from Makati feast.

We were able to put some hope in someone’s life. We were able to put smiles on their faces. What else can we ask for right?

Sept 29-Thursday, Morning- I woke up feeling bad and terrible because the current situation that I am in.

Thursday, Evening Dream no 3 in Novena to God’s love is related to my problem this morning.

Now, it is GRANTED! Today, I said YES Lord, my lifetime partner.

In relation to my answered dream, God never promised this life would be perfect and without problems and hardships. He did promise us that he will always be with us and he will never leave us. We often leave Him though; especially when he doesn’t answer our prayer right away. God’s promises are not for those that don’t live for him or follow him. Like what Bro. Randy said, “God is always on time, he is never late, and rarely early.

Oct 6-Thursday, Dream no 4 in Novena to God’s love-GRANTED

In Relation to my answered dream, I have heard this phrase come from different people who I have talked to: “You have no idea what I am going” I have heard this from people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, multiple personalities, abused. Let me tell you, I also said this phrase at some point of my life. I have a message for you. “You are not alone.” Some choose to be alone but there are people who want in. people who have shared in the pain and have come through it and now want to share with you and help you through it. Many of which have had someone come into their lives to help them. Your basic ‘Pay It Forward.’

Oct 7- Friday, CG season 6; Amazing new friends!

My best friend and I have been waiting for this day =) Met new set of friends. I am hoping to learn more with this group. I also hope that I will be able to share to them my life experiences so that they will learn from it and for them not to experience the hardships that I went through.

Oct 8- Saturday, My first month in Makati feast plus Jesus Encounter.

I can’t find the right words still to describe my experience. Until now, I am still overwhelmed so Pardon me. Today is my second birthday =)

What more can I ask?

One month, 4 weeks, and Blessings are over pouring already!

God is really working on me now. He never stops to surprise me every week.

While God has a plan for us, we are given choices. In the end, we still get to where he wants us to be but it is our choices that determine how long it will take us to get there.

Just to give you a little background, my friend has been asking me to join the feast for so long. I admit, at that time, I was very busy with work and family. Don’t get me wrong, I do go to church every Sunday. After so many no’s, pass’, I can’t, next time, rain checks, my friend never stops. Everyday I will receive an email from her entitled “God’s Message For You Today “, I am happy to receive the word of the Lord everyday. Honestly, At times, I read four emails at the same time because I have so many emails to read as part of my job. When I can relate to the Gospel reading, I will reply to my friend and thank her. After a while, it became my habit to read the email everyday.

One day, I wondered, “How come I don’t receive the emails anymore?” Then I remembered that my friend is out of the country for three weeks.

There I felt so lost. I know I had to do something. I sent my friend a message asking how’s her trip and when is she coming back. My friend replied. Then, I asked her about the feast and I told her, I want to come”

And everything was a history! After a month of being with Makati Feast and after the JE, I can say, I am finally HOME.

I can never thank enough my friend Ruthie Sy because she never gave up on me. I am proud to say that I am here because God used Ruthie to be one of the tools to bring me back home. With all the blessings that I am receiving now, I know how to thank my friend Ruthie and of course, our Lord Jesus, by Serving others.

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me good friends like Ruthie Sy, Julia Anne Gamboa, Sheena Isiderio and Alvin Gamboa. Thank you Lord for giving me NEW Friends that I found in Makati Feast. Best of all, Thank you Lord Jesus for your loving mercy and bless all who read this. May you bring them to a greater understanding of how they have the authority to bring good into their lives and to always keep their eyes focused on you and not on the things in this world.

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