Prince Turned Into A Frog

Fairy tales usually starts with, once upon a time and ends with, and they lived happily ever after. My fairy tale was extraordinary. It started with, “they lived happily” and ended with, “once upon a time”

Yes the man I thought my prince turned into a frog. He is not the one whom I dreamed of since I was three.

After my happily ever after, In a far away land of Canada, I gave birth to a handsome little boy named Addy. After almost 4 years, here I am, still waiting for my prince.

The thing is, for almost four years, I haven’t dated anyone since the last frog. Don’t get me wrong, I do have the happily ever after with my Addy. But I also want to be honest about myself. Sometimes, I thought of having a family of three. To have someone to talk with late at night, someone to laugh with, to cry with. To have someone that cared for me and Addy. 

Every time

 I will try to go on a date, I will always ask myself, ” Was that type of companionship worth taking the chance? am I ready now? Am I ready to take that chance again?

I considered priorities in life, current disposition and of course, personal issues.

 Most of the time, my answer is NO. 

So funny how I was waiting but I actually don’t do anything about it as well. As they say, action speaks louder than words. 

Last quarter of last year, I was already preparing myself for a new journey. Carefully putting myself back together like a puzzle. Reviewing the experiences that I gained from JE,Love life, KCON, Thursdates, Sundates and of course my CG’s. 

I know that no matter how many self help books I read, No matter how many talks I listened to, problems will come my way. No life is perfect. But what’s good about it is, how do I deal with the problems that will come? How do I apply all the experiences and learning that I gained. Most of all, How do I prevent myself from getting lost and blind again.

And yes, we do live in a cruel world but I see cruelty as something positive because with all those setbacks,

I am reminded to be humble

I always find enough reason to be thankful for despite the setbacks, trials and ordeals that happened to me.

 I know that to have a positive outlook is very difficulty especially when reality hit you hard but

I always remind myself that being positive is borne out of strong faith that God will do good works for those who love him. As I always say, God allowed those hardships to come our way because he knows that we can draw out the good in every hardship and pain that comes in our life.

Finally, I found myself again. I regained my self worth and self respect. So here I am, doing my best to find my prince. I know,

to find my prince I might have to kiss a lot of frogs.

( Although, I hope not super many hahaha) 

Join me in this journey 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know, to find my prince I might have to kiss a lot of frogs. — Good luck on kissing the frogs, I mean on finding your prince!

  2. sunshine says:

    hmm, that was a fast comment, but Thank you 🙂 yeah, I needed a goodluck

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