Seven Dreams, Nine Months

When I was young and immature, I
would pray to God for something and I’d ask for signs to know what His answer
would be. I prayed to the Lord to reveal to me the right person He set apart
for me. I had been through a few failed relationships where my friends had
tried to give me several hints that I didn’t seem to get. I prayed silently,
absorbed the shock and responded by saying that God’s message was for me to
forgive those “heart-breakers”!
When I was in college; older and
still immature, when I’d pray for something that I really desire, I’d make a
sacrifice in the hope that God would answer my desperate cries. But I am realizing
that I tend to listen to myself more, than to God. I am scared to decide and
act even if God has given me His assurance. Even after much prayer, proper
discernment and clear-headed thinking, I get scared to proceed on a decision.
That’s the way I feel with God.
There are times when I feel I just don’t get it.
But when I joined the Feast, we
were taught how to pray and dream. We were taught to write down our dreams in
our little booklet called, Novena to God’s Love. Seven dreams to be exact. We
pray for these dreams everyday. For me, this Novena to God’s love is also God’s
promised. We were asked to make our dreams MAGIC dreams. (Measurable,
Ambitious, Godly, Imaginative, Complete).

It doesn’t stop in praying for
our dreams to happen. We also need to do something everyday to make them come
true. We need to believe in ourselves. Yes, I believe that cliché. Call it
spirituality, hope, confidence: The ability of people to achieve anything they
put their minds to is very real and very powerful. I am a dreamer. I have this
habit of using my imagination. It works for me as a writer. It works for me in
pursuing my goals. WE have to learn how to dream big. These dreams should fuel
our daily lives.
After attending the feast for
nine months, I am very blessed and grateful to share that my first set of seven
dreams are already granted. I am now in my second Novena to God’s love. Another
set of seven dreams to be prayed for, another chance to be a dreamer and a
believer.  Another set of God’s promised.
This time, I will dream bigger.
One of my realizations in this
chapter of my life is how the Lord has been so faithful, even if I was not.
Many times, I lost heart when things didn’t go as planned. I lost sight of what
God can do and focused more on what I could control. I am learning to ask the
Lord for things both big and small. God is patient with us when we make fools
of ourselves.  He works with us in the
midst of our messy lives.
Indeed, God can not lie. Yes, he
fulfilled his promise to me that in His own time, He will give the BEST that I
deserve. All I need is to trust him, to surrender all my heart’s desire to him,
to remain faithful to him just like how he remained faithful in fulfilling his

While waiting for these new set
of dreams to come into reality. I will remain faithful to Him. I pray that the
Lord will allow me to do something where I can give my all, something that will
unify my passions, and something that will bring out all the possibilities in
my life, something that will make me live out His plan for my life. I know I
will win. I know God will fulfill his promise again. It might not be immediate.
It may take years the second time around. But ultimately, God will not lie. He
will give to me when I am ready to accept it. God always wins, and so will I.
As I desire for things that can make God smile, I pray for my heart’s desire,
and I believe God has heard it. His answer is on the way.

 I can hear God whispering, “You’ll get it…
All of it… One day, In my own time.”

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