Charmed Life

I received a disturbing message from someone whom I’d met at a writer’s workshop about two years ago. She mentioned that she was living a ‘pathetic cruel life’ and went on to profess her continued love for an old colleague of mine. she ended her message with what to me sounded like a bitter note. “Anyway, you’re lucky. You seem to be leading a charmed life. Take care.” Honestly, I found this to be quite disturbing. I mean, what does she know about my life? What does anyone know about other people’s lives? The fact that I’m always smiling in my pictures isn’t any evidence that I’m living a ‘charmed life’. I wish I did though, but very few people in this world can only be so fortunate. I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to think of me that way either. However, I do confess that right now I am happy and contented with my life because I made a choice to be happy despite my own cobweb of personal dilemmas. I lived a very complicated life. No one’s life is ever perfect. Even Jesus’ life wasn’t perfect. Only HE was perfect. I like smiling for pictures. I like dressing up. I like new experiences. I like discovering myself. I like meeting people. I like enjoying every happy moment in my life because maybe later on I might be less happy. The point is, everyone’s lives are different. We all come from varied backgrounds and circumstances. I have made it a practice not to be bitter, jealous, or remorseful of other people’s lives because it won’t make my life any better. Once you start monitoring other people’s steps you stumble on your own and end up wasting time. Instead, we should just be contented with whatever is handed over to us and deal with every situation the best way possible without making silly excuses for every burden we encounter. God has a plan for all of us. We just need to be patient until we know what he in stored for us. For me, it was a tortuous path. My Cross then is one difficult I had to endure as a sign of my faithfulness and commitment to Jesus. These trials are given to use for us to realized something. It happened to me, I realized a lot of things not only with myself but as well as in life.

As my College prof said: “Your past does not determine your future”.
Nothing is ever what it seems to be. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. After all, don’t we each have our own little stories to tell? God will be always there for us no matter how many times we fall or even how often we fall as long as we know how to stand up, God will always give us a second chance. We all commit mistakes. No one is perfect. It’s a matter of accepting our faults and learning from it. God will always give us opportunity to straighten out the bad choices we made.

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