Circle Of Trust

If not for a recent incident in my life and for my life changing article, I will never meet you personally. After the short thank you conversation, we spin off as friends.

I don’t know how to thank you for being so patient with me. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am that you wanted to be a part of my circle of trust. I appreciate every messages, hugs and hellos from you. I appreciate every “good job” and “apir/high five” from you. With these sincere gestures, you contribute to my love tank. You never judge me, You never persecute me, rather you listen to every words that I will utter. You always reassures me that everything will be okay. You affirm me. You compliment me. You always reminds me that God loves me especially at times when I am down or crazy. Even at times, I feel guilty that I am already over burdening you, you still smile and let me know that it’s alright.

You’re the key to my biggest realization in my life and because of that realization, I was able to move on. I was able to answer a lot of unaswered questions. I was able to love myself more. I gained back my self-respect, my dignity, my own being, my self-worth. For that, you will always be a part of my life. You will always have a space in my life. When I have the courage to be a wounded healer, you will always be part of my story.

“Food for the soul’ that’s your role in my life. It feels good digesting the words that comes out from your heart every time you preach, every time you speak on behalf of God in any means of communication. You may crack a joke while preaching but when I read between the lines, you never fail to convey God’s message. It refreshes my mind and soul. It feels good to be blessed and be moved and I always ended up wanting for more.

In return, I will always be here for you. I also want to be part of your circle of trust. I will support you in your endeavors because I firmly believe that you can do it. You have the innate gift of touching the lives of others. God works with you in mysterious ways. When you’re down and you need a friend, you might need a hug, a pat on your back, a shoulder or simply a listening ear, Always remember that I am just here; 24/7, anytime of the day. I accept you when you’re at your best, but most of all when you’re at your worst. I will gladly be a friend during your down times. I will never judge you but rather affirm and assure you that everything will fall into places.

Continue to pour your hearts out in every thing that you do. Continue to be a “food for the soul” not just to me, but to others as well because you are blessing a lot of souls. You are helping lost souls to find their way back home just like how you lead me back home. Continue to be the key to everybody’s unanswered questions.

P.S you’re one of the people who inspires me to serve the Lord 100%. I serve for the Lord out of love for him but you’re the role model, the inspiration, the motivation because I know, I have your back in everything that I will do. I know, you will correct me and walk me through the process.

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