PGH: Angels and Miracles

I always had a soft heart for kids especially to those who are in need, may it be financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or even the mentally challenged kids. Being a mother made me love kids to the highest power. It made me realized how bittersweet it is to be a mom. Sweet because we get paid by hugs, kisses and I love yous. Bitter when our kids are sick or in pain because if we can only take away all the pain so that they will never endure such a bad feeling. 

Today, I am honored to be given a chance to take part in such an overwhelming experience of gift giving. Two of my Fab friends will celebrate their birthday this December and they decided to share their blessing with the diabetic patients in PGH. 

We had so much fun, we started the program of course worshiping our good Lord through Nothing is impossible, Lord I Give you my heart and Oh Happy day. We had games such as the ever famous “bring me”, caroling game (my favorite). We were also given the chance to witnessed the amazing talents of Sis Lysa’s friends through voice acting. Of course, we had food that very suitable for our adorable guest. We also had a lot of picture taking, laughing, bonding, and sharing of experiences (makati feast trademark :D) 

Of course, we also have surprises for our birthday celebrants. Again, I wish them both the best. I am honored to know these two beautiful ladies who inspired me more to serve. Both of them are my new inspiration in reaching out to those who are in need. They inspired me with their big hearts and beautiful soul and with that I will be forever grateful because I know them. 

We ended the program by giving our little gift for them. We prepared 55 colorful loot bags for the diabetic patients filled with goodies that they need: from medical supplies, food, toys and learning materials and school kits. Thank to Sister Lala who went to divisoria to but these colorful loot bags. When Sis Lysa announced that we are giving insulins and syringes, I just saw the magical smiles not only bythe kids but as well as their parents as they cheered “yeheeeyyyy” 
It felt so good seeing and hearing how happy our guests were. 

The room was filled with Christmas songs as the gift giving ceremony takes place. Each servant gave their Santa hats to a diabetic guest. As explained by Sis Lysa, we are their santa today, but we also hope that they will also be a Santa to others. 

We officially ended the program with a powerful prayer led by Sis Gegs. But, there’s more. We still have 90 loot bags to give to the ward patients. We decided to divide ourselves into group of 10 so that evweryone in the ward will be prayed over. There I met Baby Salvador, Born Dec 3, 2011, 7months, with pneumonia. I remember my nephew Gabriel who’s a premie baby as well. After the prayer, I gave our little Xmas gift to Ate Nelia. When I was about to go to the next patient, I heard a loud beeping sound. I saw the doctors trying to revive a one day old baby girl named Carmi. All servants went towards her bed, raised our hands over her and started praying continously as her grandmother sulk herself on the floor as she cries out loud ‘bakit, matagal ko pinangarap magka apo ng babae, tapos kukunin mo lang”. She keeps on wailing, as we all keeps on praying. As the cry goes louder, I prayed harder and louder too. 
As I pray and lift Baby Carmi to our Lord, I really can’t explain the feeling. It was a heavy feeling inside and yet I felt like floating. I felt an electricity going through my spine. I continue to pray as I held to my rosary bracelet. I can feel a warm energy inside the room. It feels like I can hear the angels singing or praying with us (or it’s just Lynch, or Chester since they are the nearest person to me) After 20 to 30mins of continous praying, the doctors were able to revived baby Carmi. As I look around us, I saw how our group prayed so hard for this little angel, puffy eyes and sweaty foreheads are proofs to that. 

As Mariah Carey’s song goes…. 

Many nights we prayed 
With no proof anyone could hear 
In our hearts a hope for a song 
We barely understood 
Now we are not afraid 
Although we know there’s much to fear 
We were moving mountains 
Long before we knew we could, whoa, yes 
There can be miracles 
When you believe 
Though hope is frail 
It’s hard to kill 
Who knows what miracles 
You can achieve 
When you believe somehow you will 
You will when you believe 

Miracle unfolded right in front of us. What can be the best gift other than that? I know, the angels helped us prayed not just for baby Carmi but for all the patients in the ward. I thank the Lord for his unfailing love for everyone. It was indeed a blessed day for all of us. For me, it is a day of “Santa Angels meeting little angels equals miracle” This proves, once again, that prayers do move mountains especially if we pray all together. Nothing is impossible with God ♥ ♥ ♥

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