Addy: Terrific Two

I want to start by saying how much of a miracle you really are my little one! When you were born, you were so perfect and you came out with so much fight in you! When they laid you down to get you cleaned up, you arched your back, balled up your fists and started swinging. I knew then that you would be my little trooper and I am right.

What a joy you are, my snuggly, cuddly, silly little son. You are learning and discovering fast these days and you are inspiring me to do the same. You are counting…(slow, drawn out pronunciation) one, two, (fast pace) free, foh, five, sih, seben. You love to pretend you are a puppy, and crawl around panting and whining like a puppy, sometimes a ruff-ruff, or a frog hopping around on your hands and feet saying “hop”.

You have a new trick, which is batting your eyes at me when and asking for milk “leyley milk pleaseeeee” when you should be laying down and going ni-night. And you sucker me into taking you to my bed and cuddling. We have a special ni-night dance/song we sing. You stand on your “diaper-zone” loft and hug me around my neck while we sway back and forth and sing “Ni-night, ni-night dance, ni-night dance with my baby boy.” and you sing along “ni-night boy”.

Our favorite book is Good Night, Moon. We read together – I say the “there were’s” and the “good nights”, and you say the things in the room. Your favorite ones are “buzz”, “pow pow” (pillow) and “ninight” (goodnight).

We play a game throughout the day where I ask you “what’s your name” and you say “addy, two, leyley”. Because you already know the next questions like how old are you and who’s your mommy.

You LOVE Buzz from Toy Story and Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You love Superman. You pronounce each syllable very slowly – su-per-man, but when you say it fast, it’s “pa”

You have the best manners, my sweet boy. You say “thank you” unprompted almost every time someone hands you something, or tells you they will go get something for you. And the way you say it just too cute – you kind of sing “you”. “Thank Youuuu”. You also say please with eyes batting. You are also quick to say “Sorry”, especially after a time out. You get your fair share, too, my little friend. Your favorite ways to be naughty involve crayons, pens and pencils. The world is your canvas. Thankfully our old Ikea kitchen table and hardwood floors in desperate need of refinishing only get more charming with your artwork.

You LOVE taking a bath while jumping up and down and say “bubble bath, go go go” and run to me when it’s bath time. Then you love to splash, turn the bathroom floor into a lake, and pretend your at Great Wolf on waterslides. You love running around naked after the bath. You get really bummed when I put your diaper back on. You love books and our night time story time. And I love reading them to you. You are very opinionated though – if I try to read a book that isn’t on your list you’ll say a firm “no, change” and push it away. And then when your favorite comes up you get excited and say “Yah!”.

You are so cute when you pray “Father, son, amen”, and your are extra sweet when you say “thank you, Jesus”. There is so much to love about you, but I think my favorite thing is when you say “I love you leyley”. You look at me, and sometimes hug and cuddle (your hugs are so strong and yummy), and say it. I know you mean it. And I mean it more than words can say. I love you my sweet boy, Thank you for all the joy you bring me every single day.

You are my life, without you, my life has no purpose or meaning. I can’t tell you what it felt like when everything was happening because there are no words to describe it. One day when you will have your own children, I hope you look at them the way I look at you. Look into their eyes and when they look back at you and smile, you will see all that is good things in this world. You’ll see unconditional love, innocence, purity and sheer wonders. When you do have children, love them the way I love you. Hold onto them with everything you have. Lay down your life for them if the situation calls for it and I hope it never does.

You are still, and will always be, the light of my life. You are still a mommy’s little babylove!

but please, Don’t grow up too fast

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