Day 1: A Photo That Makes Me Happy

If there’s a counterpart for liposuction just for me to gain weight easily, I will really save up for it. This is my usual dialogue. Growing up as a skinny kid, I am very desperate at least being on my average weight based on my age and height. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have any eating disorder and my friends will totally agree with me on how I can eat two cups of rice in one meal *yes, I am proud*
So when I was pregant, I am very ecstatic with every pound that I gained. My Obgyne will always have this curious look on me as she says, “you know what? you’re the first prego mom that looks so happy and all excited to know how much you gained for the week”. I would simply smile back at her. Looking at my pregnant pictures makes me happy because I know I was able to achieved my average weight according to my age and height. Of course, there are so many other things to be happy about while I was pregnant, despite of being a solo parent, I am very excited to see my little blessing *but that will be covered in the coming days*
I weight 138lbs when I gave birth to Addy *yes, I gained a lot of it, 45lbs to be exact* and I prayed each day and night to keep it, however, I shred off the weight effortless since I was breastfeeding at that time. So now, these pictures are my “inspiration”. I look at them most of the time. Yes, I miss my prego body. I miss every inch of fats in my body. I hope, one day, I will be as healthy as I was. Yes, If there’s a counterpart for liposuction, let me know, so I can start saving up.

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