An Open Letter For You

Friend, I want you to know that we’re here for you, definitely, you deserve the best. Always remember, God doesn’t take away what’s good for us, and if he does, he just want you to have the BEST! All questions are now answered. God gave you the answer. 
Can you imagine yourself living a life full of infidelity, dishonesty and cruelty? Be positive, look at the brighter side. God did not allow you to be trapped in someone else’s dream land. He did not allow you to live a life full of lies. He did not allow you to be trapped in someone else’s false promises. He did not allow you to be in a complicated situation that can break not just your heart but your family’s. Thus, God saved you from hell. Yes, I strongly believe that was hell. 

It is okay to cry. I know that you are in a very difficult and painful situation right now. Let it all out, pour your heart out to the Lord. I know that the pain is deep and the lost is real. It is okay to grieve. That’s one step ahead in moving on. You may take a long path before you can finally move on but always remember that 
God loves you, we all love you. Together, I know you will be able to surpassed this problem. With God’s grace, you will be able to see the light out of this dark tunnel. Just pray. Be still. Nothing is impossible with God. 
Don’t lose hope. As they said, in our choices, sometimes we’re right, sometime we learn. Take this as another lesson in life that will make you stronger than before. Take this as a learning experience. Remember, you always need to spare some love for yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t beat up yourself. I hope this experience will not hinder you in trusting and loving again. We all go through these experiences because God wants us to learn something from it. I strongly believe that in every problems, mistakes, misfortunes, there is a blessing. 
Always remember, we are here for you. No conflict schedule, no distance, no network barrier, no broken relationships, no bad experiences and problems can hinder with our friendship. 

We love you.

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