Holy Week: Good Friday 2019

Yesterday, we went to Angeles to visit my dad. We arrived Holy Mary around 2:30pm cause we had to pass by to my lola’s house at Villa Angela to get the keys. Around 4pm, we left the cemetery and went to Guagua for the Good Friday procession. Our family has been doing this tradition since my great great grandfather Don Martin Gonzales, former city mayor. It was handed down to my lolos and then to my dad. I remember walking for hours when it was Lolo Loi’s turn. Soon, my dad took over because Lolo Loi got sick. It’s my first time to come back after my dad’s passed away. His last Good Friday was 2015 and he died that year. After 15 years of devotion, it was then passed on to Danikka.


So after 4 years, we finally went to Guagua again. It feels different not being with dad since this is our first time to go back without him. The last time that we were here, he was with us. I wanted to remind Addy this tradition while I want to introduce it to Arriana and Amanda. We arrived early. As soon as Arriana saw the church, she asked me if we can go inside and so we did. 



Parked in front of the plaza. You can see the church and the city hall

We arrived while the mass is on going. The mass was in Kapampanggan so Arriana was a little confused with the dialect and asked me what were they saying. Soon, my cousins Danikka, Valerie, Anton and Justin arrived with Tita Vic. 


After the mass, we went to the altar to kiss Jesus. Then we waited for the time that Danikka needs to change. 


My Dad’s I.D

I asked Danikka if she was able to get her own i.d. She said she is still using my dad’s. 

Arriana was so happy to see the procession because of the lights and flowers. 

Danikka and Valerie

My cousin Danikka has been doing this since 2016. She is wearing the original main cloth still. I think my Dad just changed the whites but the black and gray (main dress) is the original one still.

This is what they are pulling. Jesus lying down. This one is so beautiful in person. It was nice to be back and remember my dad at the same time. I told my mom that we should start doing a new tradition, that is visiting dad on Good Friday before heading to Guagua. I am sure, my Dad would love us to be there for the procession just like before. 

 While on NLEX,on our way back to Manila, JB suddenly said that the van is losing power. He stopped on the emergency bay. Check what happened and saw that the radiator hose is not hook anymore. The clamp is not there anymore. After 10mins, an NLEX patrol stopped and asked what happened. I video call my Uncle Toto who is in Canada because he is a mechanic. After a while, we decided to tow the van.


God is really good. You may ask why despite this circumstances.

1. When JB said that the van is losing power we are on the right side and there is the emergency bay. If it happened earlier, it will be dangerous because of the narrow road. 

2. We did not call the NLEX patrol! They just saw us and stopped.  

3. The towing is free. Will explain in a while.

4. The tow truck is right across us! We did not wait too long.  Arriana and Amanda were sleeping already.

5. The Towing is free but here is the catch, it is until the nearest exit only. Guess what’s the nearest exit? PULILAN! My mom’s hometown. I don’t know what will happen to us if its not Pulilan.

6. While we were on the way to Pulilan, we saw 4more cars that needs to be tow. Nauna kami. Super grateful for that.

7. Tito Obet is awake and was able to assist us. We left the van at their vacant lot.

8. Our AAP card is expired BUT the office is in Pulilan and just walking distance from where we are.

9. My brother in law, Mike, picked us up. 


God is good! We were able to go home safe.


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  1. Good thing we have holy week in the country and we spend this time for family bonding. Thou, we go to different churches or see some processions, still a quality time as we look back what happened 2000 years ago.

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      I agree! I hope more families will still observe this

  2. Bibimbea says:

    Prayer always works talaga!

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      Thank you!!

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