Bacolod Part 1

It will be our first flight as a family. Technically, it is Addy’s second time to ride the plane while it is Arriana’s first time. We will be in Bacolod from Friday until Monday for our good friend’s wedding, Nescy and Christian. #NesC2017 #NesCyoNaAngLahat.

Our flight was delayed and I somehow expected it already since we took the mid day flight. Domestic and International flights share the same runway. It took us 45 minutes before we had the take off clearance. Overall, the plane ride was very smooth except that JB is not seated beside us. Normally, I will fight for what I know is right and can be done. A little background, I was handling the 24/7 department of a well known travel agency for both marine and fit passengers. I handled a lot of VIP frequent travelers and I was able to issue several round the world tickets (yet, round the world means the traveler will visit each continent in one itinerary travel) so I know there must be a way.

Upon arriving Bacolod, we were greeted by the Aunt of Nescy. It was drizzling so we went inside the van right away. It is our first time in Bacolod as well. I am excited to explore the city with my family and most of all with Addy.

The highlight of our day 1 and 2 will definitely be the pre-wedding dinner ( food and the Masskara dancers) and of course, the wedding itself.

Check out our short video below. Day 3 and 4 will follow in the coming days.

Addy’s PBAs – English, Math, Science, Arts, Sibika, P.E, Health, CLE

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