Batangas Long Weekend

Last June 24-25, we spent our long weekend in Batangas. Together with my mother-in-law’s side, we went to Calubcub Bay, El Jardin De Zaida, Basaliya and my in law’s property in Abung. It was a perfect weekend for my homeschooler.

Addy was able to appreciate the beauty of Batangas. Here are some of our activities with our integrated lessons.


Our convoy is pretty long, 5 cars in total.

Jeep- Popsie, Momsie, Ninang Thatha, Ninong Raul

FJ Cruiser – Kuya Jeff, Ate Agi, Tantan, Kirsten, Addy

Wigo- Me, my husband JB, Ed and Keisa

Avanza- My inlaws, Tita Che and Teo

Strada- Joey and Cha

Going around Batangas is a trail already. We integrated Proper and Common Nouns with the cities and barangays in Batangas. Our exit was in Ibaan. Our first stop was in San Juan, Batangas. Our inlaws are in official business as they need to have their inherited properties measured/surveyed.  This is where Math came in.

We visited two properties, one in Abung and one in Pitogo. The one in Pitogo is filled with coconut trees and banana trees. Here comes, Heath where in we discussed the healthy benefits of banana and coconut also known as the fruit of life.

In Abung, the kids and kids at heart had fun in trailing. The land is a 2 hectare vacant land. This property is in front of El Jardin De Zaida, owned by the family of Pia Guanio’s husband. WE met the owner, Tita Zaida. The kids had fun at their infinity pool. I had fun with the nature scenery.

We also went to Basaliya. It is a Bali inspired front beach resort owned by Lola Puring. Not enough photo because they are preparing the place for their guest that will check in but we will definitely go back here.

We stayed at Calubcub Bay. It is actually our second time here. It is a public resort but it is very secured. I like the place because the kids have enough space to play.


Addy and Tantan had fun definitely in the court which is just right in front of our villa. I am so thankful to my brother in law, Teo, for looking after the kids.

FISHING ( Health)

Addy had fun the first time we were here so he was excited to go fishing again but this time with Lolo Marlon. Addy caught Tilapia and Bangus! Just like last time! Arriana and I had to  leave after 15 minutes because it was too hot already.


I wasn’t able to document this because I was the cook in charge. But I heard Addy was a little hesitant to try the one with heights. I guess, I still have to help him conquer his fear of heights.

Here’s a glimpse of our trip. Sorry for the amateur video. 🙂

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  1. Arlene Atienza says:

    Ang nice naman mommy. Learning while on a travel 😊👏❤
    My husband is from Batangas rin po..
    IG: @arlinaaaax

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      uy, saan sa Batangas?

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