A year older, A year wiser

I officially marked my 28th year of existence. I am proud it. I am not afraid of counting years because for me each year is a new crossroad. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be proud of it. I have a stable job, a family who loves me dearly, friends who will always be there for me and also, I have my little boy who still surprises me everyday with his wonderful personality. I gained a lot with the previous year. New friends, new experiences, new learning, new achievements, new trials and new blessings. Everyday, I found another reason to hope and dream. My faith was deeper and stronger. I found my self again. I regained my self worth. What else could I ask for?

I am starting the year blissfully happy and excited with what’s in store for me for the year 2012. The experiences and trials that I surpassed last year made me stronger and wiser. I want to thank everyone who shared their time as I go through my journey.  Thank you for the heartfelt messages and wishes through text message, phone call, facebook, email and even via snail mail greeting cards.

This year, I will give myself the gift of love, and renewed  self esteem. This birthday I choose to blow the candle with a full heart and with the confidence in knowing that I am a good child of God, daughter, loving mother and modern woman. Not in comparison to others and not because that will make others happy or like me, but because I’m worth it.

Thank you Addy for being spending mommy’s day with me again. You will always be my greatest gift babylove.

Thank you for my family who celebrated my birthday in three days. Thank you for my Canada family who traveled to more than a day to be with me. Thank you for my US family who called, ym’d, emailed, facebook me with heartfelt wishes. Thanks to my family who never fails to surprise me every year, the efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you for my friends who surprised me in their own little ways. I am truly grateful to have wonderful friends like you.

Most of all, Thank you Dear Lord for giving me more than enough this year. Thank you for granting my simple wishes.

Cheers to inner peace, happiness, good health, career and love!

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