Gift Of Eyesight

I started wearing eye glasses when I was on 4th grade. Well, I’m not a geeky student but I admit, I am a bookworm. My grandfather has a “mini library” full of wonderful books from novels to fiction, from history to geography, name it, he got it. I always hide from everyone just to read my precious novels. I hide under the table or even under the blanket, holding my book and a pen light. To give you a little background, I experienced the 24/7 brownout during the time of Pres. Cory Aquino. Brownout all day/everyday (can you just imagine?) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her, but as others will tell me, reading in the dark causes poor eyesight. (Thanks Auntie Pet)

Since then, I have my best friend. My eye glasses. I only remove them whenever children’s choir will perform. I had a lot of eye glasses from all shapes and sizes since I will always break them, lose them, or my prescription needs to be changed. I hate going to the ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked for a few reasons. First, Long line. Second, doctor is always late that makes the waiting time longer. Third, It is very overwhelming to choose what frame I like. Fourth, Most of all, I already memorized the snellen chart. Imagine, I had to read them every other 3 or 6months. So what I do, I will tell the doctor right away, “don’t you have anything else for me to read? I already memorized the chart.” My eyes were that bad. I am blind without my eye glasses.

Over the years, thanks to technologies, my best friends grew in numbers and kinds. I now have pair of contact lenses and pair of eye glasses. Sadly, I often use my pair of contact lenses. I feel more comfortable in them rather than wearing my pair of eye glasses. Add the thought of, I’ve been wearing my eye glasses almost half of my life and will wear them on the latter part of my life. (Unless I’ll wear contact lenses til I’m 95 yrs old, haha!). At times, I felt guilty for my pair of eye glasses since I only wear them when I have no choice, when I don’t have extra lenses, or when I don’t have enough supply of solution to disinfect my lenses. I keep them for emergency purposes only, but most of the time, they are just there, sitting and waiting to be used.

Last week, something happened. I woke up and my eyes hurt so bad that I can’t even open them. I went to look at the mirror. There I saw blood shot red eyes and found my pair of contact lenses all dried up. I panicked and grabbed my contact lenses solution right away. Drop solution simultaneously until I can feel that my contacts are soft enough for me to remove. After 15mins, I still can’t remove it. I continue  dropping solution as I pray. After 30 mins, I was able to take it out. Unfortunately, my contacts for my right eye is already ripped off. A small piece was left in my eye. I had a hard time taking it out because it is too small. After a while, I was able to get it. THANK GOD! 

I panicked and told a few friends about it. I asked for prayers. I even sent them a picture (but I am not posting it here hahaha)

Since I am skeptical in going to the doctor, I waited for day 2 to have my eyes checked. ( I know, and I promise not to do it again) I was worried because it seems that I have a blood cloth on my eye and it becomes bigger as day goes by. I went to the doctor and there, viola! I have Subconjuctival hemorrhage. Some of my eye blood vessels broke already resulting for a blood cloth. It shouldn’t be painful but since I slept with my lenses on, My eyes need to rest and breath.

For the whole day, I can’t keep my right eye open. I felt like a vampire, every time a sunlight or any light for that matter reaches my right eye, it closes automatically and it hurts to the nth power. For the entire day, my original best friend never left me. My handy dandy pair of eye glasses were there for me in times of my darkness. THANK GOD AGAIN! 

P.S. The doctor said that if I woke up a little bit late, I might be blind by now. Thank you Lord for waking me up just in time. Thank you for giving me another chance to see the beauty of life, the blue skies, the colorful rainbow and the romantic sunset. Thank you for not allowing me to be blind.

P.P.S Thank you for my wonderful supportive friends, I know, I know, I will not sleep with my contacts on again.

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