Do Fairytales Come True?

went out with my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin to watch Lea Salonga as she
plays the chimney sweeper-turned-princess in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s
Cinderella. I adored Lea Salonga even before, I watched her Broadway
Musical Miss Saigon three times. I also watched one of her concert in
PICC a few years ago.

As a kid, I believe that fairytale do
come true; that every girl is a princess and one day she will find her
prince and they will live happily ever after. The sad reality is; that’s
not always the case, but tonight I was willing to be a kid again.

we entered the main theater, a royal blue curtain draped the stage with
a huge backdrop of a glass slipper in the center, the shoe that made
Cinderella a classic story. I suddenly felt the glorious momentum of the
show, sat down in our very good seats, a lil chat with my cousin while
waiting for the play to start. The show started with the orchestra
leading the overture. The bubbly Fairy godmother introduces Cinderella
whose rich history dated back to 19th century in China. Fairy Godmother
is very funny. She made us laugh the entire play.

step sisters were hilarious all through out as well. Joy, the thinly
sister with a knee problem, said to the prince, “Your Highness, what a
nice BALL” (with emphasis on the word ball). Everyone was laughing at
their quirky costumes and comical lines.

The King and queen were
going on about their marital woes and economical problems of their
kingdom ( the king is very thrifty)  and fired up a line about the
King’s secret service. It was hilarious, but Fairy Godmother still
captured my heart. She rocks!

Prince Charming, who made all things possible for our leading lady,
left us with mushy lines to linger in our hearts; as he sang to
Cinderella, “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”

At some
point, I was a bit disappointed because I am wanting to hear Lea sing
the popular songs from the original Disney movie of Cinderella, but she
did not. I am very excited to see the fairy god mother turn the pumpkin
into a beautiful golden carriage while singing Bibbidi-bobbidi-Boo and
Cinderella singing the famous  A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

Lea will make you proud. She may be the smallest gal on stage but her voice will reach spectacular heights. Bravo!

I had a good time. I am more than willing to watch this play again.
Cinderella is the best known love story thus requiring no introduction.
The most beautiful thing in this fairy tale is how two people who coming
from two different worlds comes to experience true love.

I just hope that everyone will experience the magic of true love, like Cinderella did.

I can say that tonight, I had a magical night!

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