Bad Boy Complex

Some people doesn’t get it why I always fall for the bad guy. Okay, let me rephrase that. I “used” to fall for the bad guy. Well, I used to have this bad boy complex. It is even if I  know that they are bad, I still fall for them. Well, each woman has their own reasons. It may be the popularity or the trend but for me it’s different. 

I always have this belief that all human being commit mistakes and everyone has the capability to change for the better. Some people might disagree with me, (at times even my family and friends) but I always tell them that. Give them a benefit of a doubt and a chance to change. Sometimes, I tell them that this person just need someone to understand him.

Classic examples, wouldn’t you fall for someone who’s known as the bad boy from the block but would everyday write letters and compose songs for you?

(I often say, for him to do that, he has a good heart)

Wouldn’t you fall for someone who will wait for you 8hours in the rain just to say he’s likes you?

It is my optimism that really makes me fall for them. Unfortunately, my beliefs are also the one who led me to a broken heart. I don’t regret anything. These heartaches made me stronger and wiser. I want to believe that I graduated with that phase. I rehabilitated myself from my optimistic addiction and try to think carefully not for others first, but for myself.

Moving forward…. No more bad boys for me 

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