Home Of Abandoned Angels

Angels are also known as “messengers”. They can be a messenger of hope, love, peace or prosperity. My favorite angel is my son. He constantly reminds me the value of love and happiness. He never fails to send me the message of hope and peace. This year I am immensely blessed with so many good gifts, from new friends to new experiences. From new trials to new dreams. I wanted to start the year right by celebrating my 28th bday and 4th month in LOJ. I decided to visit a home full of beautiful angels, the Mother and child home of Virlanie.

With my wonderful friends’ help. We were able to share some wonderful gifts for our little angels. From clothes to toys, books to toiletries and other necessities.

We met few mothers who just gave birth, some are still on their way. But what captured my heart is a room full of infants.

As I open the door, I found this charming little girl smiling at us. Strapped in her bouncer, she keeps on wiggling her feet.

Beside her is a 2 months ala Coco Martin look alike baby who is sleeping so soundly. I fell in love with him right way. I want to snatched him out of his bouncer and take him home.

Of course, there’s more..

There’s the twin brothers who were born prematurely. They were so cute with their little nose and ears. Of course, I remember my little nephew Gabriel.

There’s also this adorable little girl whom I also fell in love with. Took a couple of pictures with her. She can be addy’s little sister.

And who will forget about the bibo girl who welcomed us with her wittiness. She was holding her comfort bib the whole time.

We shared a simple lunch. I was so happy to see that the kids love their new experience with us. It was a simple and yet very intimate affair. I am grateful to have my friends with me that day. Of course, I am also thankful to my friends who share some of their blessings in their own ways. I know God will return all these things to you a thousand folds.

I left that home with a heavy heart because if I can only bring all of them home with me, I would. I just thought, how can they do that. I can’t abandoned addy. Not even a thought of it.

Those little angels that I met are trying to send us the message of love and life, of sharing and giving, of contentment, appreciation and gratefulness.

We should always be grateful for what we have and appreciate what we have.
We should appreciate all things that we have, it may be big or small. Count our blessings and not our trials.
Let us continue to be Jesus to someone. Our little efforts will surely brighten up someone else’s face. You may be surprise how it feels good.

I will surely visit this loving home sometime soon. 

God bless Angels!

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