Feast For The Soul

A few weeks ago I bought a pack of cd because I wanted to burn worship songs and give it out to other people. Then, I decided to add some previous recorded talks. It felt good to be able to dig out all of my recorded talks again, I listened to them one by one. It didn’t even bother me a bit that I was actually at work. The sound was just as sweet as the flowers blooming during summer. Every song from Still, to Nothing Is Impossible, to Happy Day nourished my spirit and warmed my heart. It was a true feast for my soul. Then, I realized, I miss Makati Feast so much.
I just realized what I have been doing since break feast started. I go online each night and listen to the previous talks. It became my daily routine. I feel there is something missing if I don’t listen to at least 2 talks in a day, one as I wake up and then the other one, before I go to sleep. Thanks to one of my circle of trust who gave me the link of where to find the talks. 
We worked so hard for us to be able to eat everyday so that our bodies will get the right amount of nutrition that we need. How about our souls? Our souls ended up hungry everyday because we don’t feed them. We forgot our souls even if it is easier to feed than our bodies. The food for our souls is everywhere, and free plus you can’t over eat. Best of all, the meal tastes even better when you share it with others. 
Let’s all take the time to nourish our souls everyday. Just like how we maintain our love tank and refill them before it’s empty, let us also maintain our souls tank full. Listen to beautiful music and sing along yourself, praise and worship our dear Lord. Read inspiring words and share your thoughts to enlighten others. Help those who are in need and thank those who help you too. Share you extra blessing and bless someone.. Take the time to pause and watch the sunset as you thank the Lord for a beautiful day that he has given you. If you’re a parent, play with your kid until your arm feels tired but your heart feels light. Wake up saying, “What a beautiful day! Good Morning Lord, Thank you for waking me up” Like what Sister Mara said, pray without ceasing. Pray when things are going bad but don’t forget to pray and thank the Lord when things are doing great. Pray to always grow in love, joy, and peace. Make an appointment with God everyday and keep it, make it a habit to read your bible everyday and have a selah moment as you chew each words because that is what feeding your soul is all about. Others may say that we lived in a cruel world, yes we do, but this world is a never ending banquet of loving, sharing, giving, forgiving, accepting and living. We are God’s children and he loves us so much that he wants us to enjoy the feast that he prepared so grab a chair, Smile, thank the Lord, be a Jesus to someone and enjoy the feast.

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