Double Parents

I’ve often wondered why mothers without parenting partners were christened “single moms” when, in truth; they are “double parents.” And if the term “single” is to imply marital status, then a large group of these “double parents” have sadly been overlooked.

 It is not the ring on your finger that gives your children a dad, but his willingness to be a part of the parenting process.

To be a single mom is to be strong, beautiful, courageous, eager, smart, and quick-thinking. You don’t get much sleep, or much time for yourself. There’s the 12 AM bad dream and the 3 AM cries for a ba ba. There are the temper tantrums when you take away the slobbery telephone or remote control. Oh, and let’s not forget those times your baby will crawl away, stick something in his mouth, and you turn around and don’t have any idea where he went!

Being a single mom is a hard job, almost a career, even. Only the strong-willed survive the world of single parenting. 

And a little bit of help from the grandparents is always nice. 

But to be a single parent is to be a hero in your child’s eyes. To look into that beautiful little face and see the biggest smile in the world, just for that cookie or turning on that movie, it is the greatest feeling in the world that cannot be matched or topped by any other thing. To see your little one takes his first steps and to know that nobody helped him get that far but you is ABSOLUTELY REWARDING

It’s a hard work being a single mother, the stigma that is attached, the feeling that the minute you let your guard down you will be attacked for your lack of moral fiber. But it is rare someone sets out to be a lone parent.

 I would love a good role model for my children, an everyday example of intelligent, sensitive maleness

. But until that day, I hope they see what I am trying to do.

I will never hate Addy’s father. To hate him is to hate a part of Addy.

 I want to teach Addy not to hate anybody. He will be allowed to talk about his feelings, but he will be required to do so respectfully. I want to teach Addy the value of respect for adults (even those he didn’t agree with), but most importantly, RESPECT FOR HIMSELF.

I know, I don’t have to tell Addy everything, but I will certainly tell him the TRUTH. I will let him to see things for himself in his own time.

Mommy Ley and Baby Addy= HAPPY FAMILY

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