La Bella Vitta

Mi Bella Vita.. Yes, My beautiful life.. not perfect.. but beautiful..

Some people are probably wondering how a young 26 year-old woman, a single mom can still say how her life is so beautiful even if she got pregnant,unmarried and now trying to survive the motherhood alone. I thought about that before, when I first found out I was pregnant, I had a good life then, I had a job, my own room, my family, my own car plus i get to spend my money whichever way I want to and go out whenever I feel like it.

After the so called “moment of truth” somehow i felt alone and insecure because I know from that day forward I have to face everything alone. of course my family and friends are always there to support me but at the back of my mind, I can’t help it but wonder how am I supposed to give my child a good life since it will be just the two of us? how am i going to explain to him what happened?  how am i going to explain to him how come we have an incomplete family? most of all what am i going to say if he asked where his dad is? For nine months, i tried my best not to think of negative thoughts so that my baby will not be affected but it is hard…really hard to pretend that everything is alright. good thing i have my friends and family around me.

So how can I say my life is beautiful? well it’s really what you make out of it. after seeing my son for the first time, right then and there i knew that everything is worth it! my 9 months plus 18hours of labor are all worth it. seeing him gives me more strength to fight and continue with our life. now I realized that i am happier with my life, it’s more than just getting to go out whenever or partying all night. I learned that success and true happiness is living your life the way you wanted to and being with the most important people in your life. I realized that most people search forever for that one person they wanna be with forever, i may be a single mom but i am with my one and only man (next to my dad) that i want to spend my life with: MY SON. MY ADDY.

I’ve been happy many times in my life, specially when i was young, but now, i’m entering this new chapter of my life with a smile. i may be a single mom, unmarried but who cares, i have my special joy, my angel, my protector, my son. he made everything seems alright. i know we still have to undergo a lot but having my family and friends around me, i know my son and i can do this.

I may be a single mom but i am happy because i have what i have always wanted: my own child, a loving family and friends that will be always there for us.. and if that’s not happiness for others.. then tell me.. what is happiness?

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