Beauty Within

Is beauty of real value? In my case, it is because beauty is something that I value so much. I don’t mean the, “Oh look at that girl, she’s gorgeous….” type of beauty, but a beauty you can see when you look at the stars on a clear night, or maybe the look of joy on someone’s face when he or she is happy. That is true beauty. To look at something and see it more than it really is. When you look at someone, what do you see? Do you see the outer appearance, the formed mask made for the public eye? Or do you see the sober faces of waif thin super models with lustrous looks and elegant clothes? Or are you looking beyond that, into the part where no one else dares to look, the piece of that person that can either make you laugh or cry. If we fit to know the real characters of these people, would we still consider them worthy of the said title? When you judge someone and forget to love him or her unconditionally, you are cheating yourself out of infinite amount of beauty in this world. You are in control. Looking, interacting and living with people, my eyes have begun to seek the person within, not the outer shell. I want to know the real person. I will look deeply at someone and love him for what he truly is. I want to see beauty undefined and unexplored. Beauty is not only heeded through the surface. We have to dig a deeper hole to uncover its true significance. Someone who is slightly different from us is beautiful. Someone whose clothes are a bit peculiar is also beautiful. Our bitter comments and shallow outlooks make them seem otherwise. Some people are always busy bickering behind our backs and pointing out our individualities that they fail to behold the oblivious fact that all of us are indeed beautiful. This just goes to show how most people value masks over sincere faces. We are all in the position to either make someone feel terrible about himself or to make him feel a lot better. I am sure you know which the better choice is. Look inside yourself and you can really fathom that therein lies a precious gem that is waiting to be uncovered… you are beautiful. All of us are. Next step, make others feel beautiful as well. In that simple act of kindness, we could make this world, a better and happier place to live in.

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