Nosh x Kickstarters Galactic Celebrity Baby Play Date

Nosh and Kickstarters PH teamed up for an outta’ this world of parent-child bonding activity. Arriana had fun playing soccer with her Super Strawberry team. As you know, Arriana always plays with her brother. But this time around, there are professional coaches guiding them. I like how Kickstarters PH adjust to each kids and not the other way around. Arriana was able to follow the drills and even wanted to continue playing even after the game.

Better, Faster, Stronger Day 2 (shooting drills)

I wasn’t able to take a video of the entire session because my 2 girls woke up late. So I do not have drills video but I was able to capture their shooting drills!

I was so happy to know that Addy had fun. If you know Addy, you know how shy he is. My mom just dropped him off then we just followed 20 minutes before we pick him up. Addy wanted to stay! That’s a good sign. He normally doesnt want to be alone. He will wait for my husband or his uncle to play ball with him but never alone.