It’s a holiday that comes just once a year, Often what comes to our mind is turkey and all of the delicious food that goes with it, the scrumptious deserts, and the good time we had with everyone. Somewhere in the day, we might manage to remember the things we’re thankful for.
Today is a celebration of thanks. It is a good thing to be appreciative of all the blessings that God bestowed upon us. It may be something small or big, but what’s important is that we are thankful for it. However, it’s terrible that we seem to forget this throughout the year, and only set aside one day out of the year to thank Him. 
Everywhere you go, you’ll probably hear someone somewhere griping and complaining. It’s too hot, their clothes don’t fit them well, they want a bigger house, they hate their job, the kids are too loud, their wife/husband just isn’t as loving as they used to be, they don’t like the food on the table, etc. It’s like nothing is right, and everything’s all wrong. What’s wrong with this picture? Rather than complain and mumble about our troubles, when’s the last time we thanked God for giving us what He has, regardless of how we felt about whatever it was? We are so blessed that it’s almost a shame, especially when those so blessed seem to never see those blessings.
For the parents that complain about the kids being noisy, try telling that to a Mom who lost her two year old daughter to cancer last year, or to a parent who has a kid in the hospital, or the deaf parents who never had the precious gift of hearing their children scream and say I love you to them. For the one who complains about their clothes aren’t fitting anymore or aren’t the right ‘match’, try telling that to people who lost their clothes because of the typhoons and only wearing the last piece of clothes that they have because that’s the best they’ve got to wear. Try telling that to people who can’t even affor to buy a pair of socks, or a pair of decent slippers.  For those who are complaining because their partners aren’t loving as they used to be, try telling that to a solo parent or to a couple who’s going through a separation. For those picky eaters who complain of the food on the table, try telling that to the people who can’t even eat once a day. To those people who has nothig to eat, not even a safe water to drink. 
We are truly a blessed nation. Thank you God for the food on our tables! We have homes, nice and warm when it’s cold outside. Thank you for the clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet. For those of us that have all or most of our body parts working, thank you God for allowing us to be able to hear, see, smell, taste, walk, run, move, roll over, breathe, think, feel.
We should thank God for our loved ones, for our spouses, kids, parents, grandparents, in-laws, ex-in-laws, and most of all, for dear friends. Never take anyone for granted. No one lives forever in this life. Cherish them all while you can, and thank God for giving them to you for a while.
I thank the Lord for so many reasons
For the gift of life and career
for giving me wonderful parents who never left me amidst my challenges. 
for giving me my amazing relatives who always supports and comforts me.
for my SMA friends, whom I’ve known since elemetary days. You are a big part of my life.
for my SPUM friends, whom I love and cherish. I know we may not see each other that often, but always remember that you are forever in my heart
for my TPLI/Magsaysay family, I will be forever grateful for all the thinsg that we shared. You will always be a family to me
for my Makati feast family, Thank you because in you I found hope and peace. 
Most of all, I thank the Lord for giving me my one and only babylove: ADDY, anak, you will always be mommy’s number 1. You will always be my pride and joy, my strenght and sanity, my source of peace and happiness. Because of you, I experience many wonders. Because of you, I am who I am today, I may not be perfect Anak, but I know deep in my heart, mommy has a pure loving heart.
When this Thanksgiving holiday is over and gone, don’t wait for another year to pass to give thanks to God for all the blessings He’s given you. Thank him everyday. Thank him as you wake up in the morning because he has given you another day.  Thank Him for that nice slice of cake that you don’t really need, or for your 22nd pair of shoes that you just had to match a new dress, or for the promotion that someone got over you. Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and to remember all that we are thankful for. But don’t let it be the only time you remember to thank God for everything. Let it be a remembrance of having done so throughout the year.
Happy Thanksgiving

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