On Being A Single Mom

It’s long been assumed that motherhood brings meaning to our lives. We guide, love, nurture and support our offspring and sometimes feel appreciated in return — all elements that can fuel our connectedness and satisfaction in the world. It’s easy to find meaningful moments as a mom, but it’s when things are tough that it seems we don’t know how to interpret what meaning is. What if the greatest reward and meaning of being a mother is the growth our children force us to do?

Being a parent is a very hard job no matter how you slice it, but to further the true blessing that children are is to work equally hard on being conscious and mindful of the growth our kids call forth in us. Perhaps your patience needs work or your critical side needs to be quieted or you need to learn compassion or you could stand to give up some perfectionism. Parenting in a kind and loving way can only come if we face these issues in ourselves. Maybe this is the true meaning behind being in relationship with these souls.

As a parent, you accept from the start that it is all your fault. Every last inhibition, weakness and thing that goes wrong in your child’s life is down to you — however old they are. If they get bullied, bully, pick the wrong course at university or marry the wrong girl, it is all because you did it wrong. As a parent — deep-down, you know you suck. You know it is not the kid’s fault (however old the kid is) — you made a hash of it.

I don’t know it I am making sense here, I just feel like writing, writing randomly. Just whatever, probably I am back to reality that I have to face this journey alone. well, not really alone because I have my adorable ADDY with me.

I then realized. being a parent is really hard. Now, i imagine what my parents went through. Albeit, being a single parent is harder. You have to work twice as much. You have to work 24/7, there’s no rest day, no salary, no lunch breaks,  no meeting, but it’s

full of overtime,

of sacrifices for ADDY, of love for ADDY. After 6 months….it’s sinking in….

It’s hard because not all people can understand or willing to understand probably because they can’t feel the things that i am going through…or any mothers are going through. I guess they have to be a mother first before they understand.

and as i am writing this senseless note….. someone send me an email……

“She Reminds Us”

by/with Mike Greca

Dedicated to all mothers

In mothers arms a baby sleeps

She swears she hears an angel breathe

Baby wakes and hungrily

By mammas breast the baby feeds

She Reminds Us

That love can conquer anything

Daddy’s left them all alone

Always drinks but never phones

But she’ll make sure her baby grows

If it’s the last thing in life she ever does

She Reminds Us

That love can conquer anything

She reminds us

There are some things only wider eyes can see

Boy he grows

By mammas love

And mamma knows

That heaven above

Gives its angels just enough

Though daddy could not give

Mamma loves him twice as much to cover it

And the boy he grows…..

Days than years go flyin’ by

And mamma’s still working overtime

Makin sure her little boy becomes

Twice the man his father never was

She reminds us

There are some things only wider eyes can see

She reminds us

That love can conquer anything

Mamma loves, and her love is loud

Boy he grows into a man strong and proud

Mamma loves, and her love is loud

She reminds us that love can conquer anything

here’s the video link for the song lyrics….

after watching the video……i realized that my eyes are wet….my heart is pounding…..

to all the mothers out there….im proud of you….i hope one day i can be proud of myself as well..

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