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Last January, ANC TV Show, Mukha shared a part of my life story. Honestly, I just watched it yesterday. Why? hmmm, because I was still overwhelmed by the messages that I received. At some point, another tv show wants to air a more lengthy and detailed story but I decline.

It was never easy being a single mom may it be a past or present. Yes even if it is in the past, people can still judge you and say not so nice words towards your experience. Despite of it all, I will never be ashamed of being a solo parent. I know my story will be an inspiration to others. I know many will find comfort knowing that there will always be hope.

So, for those who missed the episode, I posted a copy below. Feel free to share it if you feel that it will bless someone.

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  1. It is never easy to be a single mom. There’s always the question on whether it’s better for a child to have a father — at least mayroon — but you are unhappy, or for you to raise the child alone, but both of you are happy. Thanks for sharing the show. I will watch it after work. 🙂 — Tina K. Ang

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      It’s never easy to be a parent in general. <3 Thank you Tina!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am not a single mom but I am still blessed with your words. Glad that you overcame all the hardships of being a solo parent and now helping others.

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      Thank you Khryz for reading my post and watching my story. Feel free to share it if you know someone who needs some love and hugs

  3. awwww… virtual hugs! nakaka-touched yong story mo. I am happy to that you have found the "ONE". Ang swerte ng mga anak mo sayo. 🙂

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      Thank you Angel! I am happy to because I found someone that God actually allowed in our life. Swerte din ako sa mga anak ko at sa asawa ko. <3 Thank you for watching!

  4. Arlene Atienza says:

    Intro palang ng interview nyo mommy ley naiiyak na ko .hanga po ako sa tapang lakas ng loob niyo at sa tiwala kay God.. sana po marami kayo mainspire na single mom.. xoxo💋
    IG: @arlinaaaax

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      thank you!

  5. Maribert orpiada says:

    Sobrang nakakaiyak, and im so proud of you mommy Ley, well actually lahat talaga ng single mom nkaka proud at sila ung matitibay sa lahat ng pagsubok a buhay! Sana lahat ng single mom makahanap na din ng ONE TRUE LOVE nila, ung totoong magmamahal sa knila

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      THANK YOU!!!!! lahat ng magulang talaga kakayanin naman lahat eh. extra challenging lang pag single parent

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