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TOTGA For Mommy Planner Ley | The One That God Allowed

( This is my personal belief)

TOTGA or The One That Got Away for some. I don’t have one for several reasons: (✌🏻 I don’t believe in it too)

1. I don’t regret anything in the past. I believe that God has a purpose and reason for letting things happen.

2. I don’t dream of being with someone else from my past. I don’t have the “if I can bring back the past” mentality. And somehow, I think this is being unfaithful because you have that thought secretly.

3. I am happy and contented with what I have and whom am I with.

4. Because if he is the ONE, he will not get away. Both of you will compromise and work things out. You will choose to love and decide to love and be together everyday.

In this photo is my TOTGA, THE ONE THAT GOD ALLOWED ❤️

Cause I believe that God will direct us to our TOTGA especially when we pray that He guides and protects our heart. God will lead us to the right path when we pray for clarity as we discern. God will allow the one for us because He knows our deepest heart’s desire.

We’ve been through a lot. Some people tried to break us apart. We’ve been through many ups and downs. Fights and highs but we are still here choosing to love each other everyday. Making that decision everyday even if the other person is not lovable at some days (of course, no one is perfect) . You know that I prayed to God for someone to be my lifetime partner after Him and you are my answered prayer. If your definition is different, talk to God and let Him define it for you.

Thank you my Love for always being the best version of you. But I thank you also for those time that you are not in your best self because those were the times that I knew, you are the one for we just dont love someone when it is all happy and fun. True love is when the other person is not in his best self but still you decided to stick around.

Most of all, thank you for loving me, Addy and Arriana especially when hormones are kicking in. Arriana being fun and hyper. Addy for being a kid who knows what he likes and not.

Our 2017 is almost ending but I know we cant wait for what 2018 has for us.

I love you, Lovelove JB
I will forever be grateful to God for allowing you in my life.

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  1. Joan Acuin says:

    Very inspiring Ley! So proud of you! 👏👏👏👏

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      Thank you, Tita! God Bless! Miss you!

  2. Maribert orpiada says:

    Congratulations mommy, totoong everything happens for a reason, ang reason ni God kung bakit ka nalang single mom before is ibibigay nya sayo si daddy JB!

    1. LEY ALMEDA says:

      Thank you Maribert! True!! Kaya nga we always need to trust God. Thank Him also for unanswered prayers

  3. Claire Jaluag says:

    Very inspiring mommy! I’m a single mom too and you are one of my inspirations. I also believe na may TOTGA din si God for me. ❤️

  4. Evalyn Atayde says:

    Very inspiring!

  5. So inspiring mommy Ley! Continue to be an inspiration to us.. 😘

  6. Jaimie says:

    Such inspiring and a nice read Ley dear!

  7. Christine Tonin says:

    This is so inspiring. Kaya talaga we always have to Trust God. 👏🏻 So proud of you!

  8. Jean Ricamata says:

    God knows what’s best for us all the time

  9. Inspiring and sweet storiy mamsh! Thanks for sharing

  10. So sweet naman the story:)

  11. Seyrah Villamayor says:

    Always inspiring us Mommy ley ❤️

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